Apparently people hate burpees. There are countless fitness memes floating around Instagram and Facebook about how burpees are the seventh level of hell or one of Satan’s testicles. I don’t get it to be honest. I could be a fitness masochist for all I know but I happen to think burpees are like being licked in the face by a puppy or someone walking up to you and handing you a plate of pad thai. They’re amazing.

So that being said, you should learn how to do a normal burpee. Meaning “suck it up princess” or “man up” and go pro level on these. And THEN you can try the box jump version. Really simple. Sprawl out, do a pushup and instead of just jumping upward, jump onto a box. Jump backwards, slight hop and back down. Easy right? Not if you find the tallest box you can to do these. Then you’ll be hurtin. Takes focus, and a good pair of legs. Get to the gym, try them out. Impress your friends and become the cool kid in school. You know the drill.

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