Recently you might have seen the first Vegan shirt design from MMF floating around my Instagram and Facebook. A few of you might have ordered it. Thank you! And if you didn’t we’ll be printing new ones very soon.

Now when I started this site I really wanted to avoid ranting about the following subject as much as possible. And for those of you who sometimes think that Vegans are a bit on the preachy side, damn right we are. Being the voice of the voiceless requires it.

Look, anyone who stands up for something they believe in should be passionate about it. We’re a slight bit pussified now to think being outspoken is wrong or annoying it seems. But really, topics like this deserve to be loud. Vegans think of it this way…humans like to think because we have opposite thumbs we’re the greatest thing ever and the most dominate species around. Sure, if a bear attacked you and you have the technology to kill it with a gun that is man made you’re going to flex that in order to protect yourself (in that case intelligence wins, but take that away you’d get mauled). But look at the mentality of humans and what we do to the world at large and it’s hardly a dominate mindset when you’re constantly exterminating species left and right in the name of “progress” or “I have to hunt to feed my family”. (Pull it back man. That sounded like it was heading for a rant….)

Hunting for food in this day and age is a choice. Not a necessity. If you own a cell phone, you’re not living in the dark ages where food is scarce. Chances are you live within a drive to a store. The modern world, the first world, aka Western Culture, doesn’t need to hunt to survive. At all. A guy living in downtown Phoenix who doesn’t hunt at all, or own a gun, knows outright he’s not doing the actual killing of the animals he’s eating. He’s paying someone else to do it. That’s pretty much the most unmanly thing I’ve ever heard of. Paying the hitman to do the dirty work. Times that by billions, and you have a bunch of people supporting the assassination of animals on a minute by minute basis. Placing their taste buds and their “need” for meat over the life of a living creature. Sorry to say but that mentality is selfish, fucked up and backwards thinking for human evolution.

You can try to use the freedom of choice argument. But when that choice involves killing a creature who is not harming anyone by living, that is tyrannical and oppressive. Like a dictator killing a bunch of his own people to further their own ideals and cause. These animals have no choice.

I could go on and on. But the point is I am a vegan, and proud of that choice. Not proud in gloating terms but that I’ve chosen to forgo my “need” for meat to put the lives of animals before my desire for their flesh, which is always heavily salted and sauced and come to think of it, humans are the only “meat eaters” that need to cook meat to eat it. We get sick if we eat it raw. And then we pour sauce on it to cover up the bland taste….hmmm…interesting huh? Almost went on a rant there. HA!

And while I do my best on this site to stay neutral in the name of training and fitness, I will flex that proverbial muscle to place my opinion of “the animals’ lives matter” as much as possible. You’re going have to face the fact that choosing anything otherwise is saying “the suffering of an animal does not matter to me”. We should be more evolved than that. We’re evolved enough to where we’re about to land a module on a comet while it’s screaming through space, but we still think piglet pictures that we say are adorable can be quickly trashed in favor of ‘bacon’. That doesn’t show much of an evolved mindset. You can claim that we as a species are not as evolved as we think we are because of that, but it comes down to a person by person choice. And if I, and millions of others, can live without eating animals and look as sexy as I do (so hot right now…so hot Hanzel…) then you could too. But don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s possible to selectively love dogs and cats and not care about if cows live or die and say “you love animals”. That’s like saying “I love Latinos but don’t care if Asians die”. It’s harsh but that’s the truth. It’s species-ism. You can try and grab all the US Meat and Dairy sponsored “scientific” facts you want to try and justify eating meat, or ignore the idea you’ve living to an old concept, or ignore things like our digestive systems aren’t designed for processing meat, or the countless things I could put here. It comes down to if something is not attacking you and simply trying to live out it’s existence, why does it need to die when you can live a happy, healthy life without eating it?

So there’s that rant. Back to the topic at hand!

That being said, we like metal here. In case you didn’t know. So for anyone that thinks vegans are scrawny, there is Derek Tresize and Mindy Collette to prove otherwise. For anyone who thinks vegans are all peace loving hippies, we have a ton of metal heads out there that are bringing the heavy to your ears harder than most. Metal musicians that are veggie or vegan include Devin Townsend, Heaven Shall Burn, Jeff Walker and Bill Steer (Carcass), First Blood, Rob Zombie, Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy), Chris Adler (Lamb Of God), Bill Ward (Black Sabbath), and members of Napalm Death, Sepultura, Darkest Hour, Brutal Truth, Bring Me The Horizon, Shadows Fall, Converge, Dystopia, Between The Buried and Me, Cattle Decapitation and many others. Quite a list huh? And new names are sprouting up all the time. This isn’t counting the endless punk musicians that bring the DIY sounds and have a sharp social commentary about the subject that I could list. We love our punk brothers and sisters out there carrying the veghead flag in the name of the cause. In the name of having compassion and good health, many of us realize that this is the future and what we need to evolve to. And we can do it without compromising the heavy sounds of the music that gets us going or the muscles we love to build.


  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVED this post!! we’re not all barefoot hippies running round with hairy armpits (not that it would matter if we were, each to their own!) flying the vege metalhead flag loud and proud 😀 I’m also keen for one of those shirts! or maybe a tank top version?


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