What the hell is this? A plank? A plyo? It’s both. One of my favorite exercises for tearing your abs a new one. It keeps your heart rate up, and is a great way to stay busy and active in between sets in the free weight area.

So how do you do the voodoo that you do?

Simple. Grab a bench and give yourself enough space on both sides. Both hands at the front of the bench and start on any side you want. Plyo over to the other side while planking your upper body and only jumping with your lower body over to the opposite side. You’re hopping, not landing like a flat footed fool. So the jumping back and forth is continuous. Got it? Oh and be sure to tuck your knees in towards your stomach after each hop. If that sounds confusing, we thankfully recorded some asshole with a mohawk doing it.

Man, what a jerk he is.

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