Bulking up is typically reserved for the giant and the large in the mighty land of the NPC competitor. And while we respect our massive friends and their onion skins, this isn’t about them. YOU REALLY THOUGHT THIS SONG WAS ABOUT YOU?

No, today we cover something that is pretty logical as far as being healthy on a budget. Bulking.

Now not in the traditional sense, I’m talking about buying bulk foods. Or foods in bulk. Either way it can mean savings, SAVINGS YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK (which is a saying I’ve never understood…if you save only .35 on an apple are you really going to drive to the bank and make that deposit? Seriously!) Finding a store that has a large bulk section can help with savings and packaging also.

Fruits and Veggies
These will tend to be cheaper in season which if you wanted to get more for less, is the best time to buy. Beets, Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, Apples and Winter Squash are just a few worth getting several of. Squash especially will keep for quite a while.

Seeds, Grains and Nuts:
Smart here. Ever tried buying organic almonds in a box? Expensive! And a lot of nuts can be pricey in general but they last longer than Doublemint. So stock up! You have these on hand they can be a better go to snack than your CakeMuffinPies that put unwanted weight on your ass. I tend to bulk on the almonds, walnuts and quinoa more than anything else and it lasts quite a bit. Keep them wrapped up and they’ll stay fresher than Dougie. When you are buying bulk foods at Whole Foods, go for Steel Cut Oats (as they are nearly 5 times the price in the can as opposed to the bulk section).

One of the better reasons to buy in bulk is the overall environment impact. Yes, we here at MetalMadeFitness aren’t full blown hippies or anything (HIPPIES AREN’T METAL MAN!!!!) but we do kind of like living and breathing clean air on this rock called Earth we live on. While we’re not dumb to think buying foods in bulk to save on packaging with save the planet, we do know that the more people that DO, the better. Nowadays places like Whole Foods have just paper bags for bulk items or encourage you to bring your own. Food packaging account for around 8% of the cost of food. And considering a lot of these foods have a good shelf life you can buy more and less often. And lastly, a lot of foods you can get in bulk are foods that encourage you to MAKE SOMETHING. And knowing how to cook is one of the best skills you can possess. Besides parkour.

If you’re into fitness or eating clean, bulk foods overall are some of the healthiest options you can have. On all accounts it’s just smart to do.

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