I suppose I could put a picture of the Ultimate Warrior up for this review. That’d be pretty funny.

But I won’t. This product deserves to have it’s own picture up. So what is it? Well, protein powder. No, but WHAT IS IT? WHAT IS IT FOR? WHAT DO I DO WITH IT?

Well first let’s start by saying a LOT of protein powders on the market are not as good or high quality as you think. They either are isolated (which means all the nutrients are lacking) or high in sodium or the soy or whey that it comes from is lame as hell. Before I continue, we’re going to get some science going here because I’m sure someone will preach “outcry” about that last paragraph. Most commercial whey powders are high-heat-treated, acid-flushed, and stripped of vital nutrients, creating an imbalanced, acidic “whey isolate” or “soy isolate” that’s frequently contaminated with synthetic additives, chemical detergents, and heavy metals. It’s no wonder that many of these whey or soy products are hard to digest and have to cover up their acidic aftertaste with unhealthy sweeteners and artificial flavors (and we’re not even going to start with the pH balance of the acidic qualities of whey and soy…that could be a whole article in itself…)

There are a lot of factors to it. And very few powders I’ll put in this sexy beast of a body. Yes, that was egotistic, but roll with it.

Warrior Food is one of them. First off it’s got Sprouted, Enzymatically Activated, NON-GMO Brown Rice Protein◊∞ (80% protein, 20% nutrients) and High Quality Hemp Protein (50% Protein 50% Nutrients). Not enough? How but some NOPAL CACTUS! Yeah. Protein with cactus in it. Chew on that for a few. Why? I’ll tell you why. SCIENCE TIME AGAIN KIDS! (Grab lab coats!) Research within the past ten years has caused nopal cactus to be considered a super-food, due to its antioxidant and cholesterol-reducing properties. The fruit of the prickly pear is rich in betalains. Several clinical studies suggest Nopal Cactus is beneficial for diabetics because it reduces blood glucose levels. Owned. Sold. And shipped out. Somebody call my mama!

Not only that it has a hecka low sodium count and digestive enzymes as well to help your body break it down and use it more efficiently. If you’re not sure what that means, long and the short, it helps you poop. Alright? There. Said it. But before you poop, your body grabs what it needs to use and gets the rest of that shit out (literally). Not many fitness blogs will even go there. I just did. Hilarious huh?

Back to the product itself. I’ve had the chance to work with Doug in Seattle, a Healthforce representative, on learning about the product and testing them out and the quality is second to none. Also check out their Elite Greens Protein. I can’t even explain how amazing that product is. It’ll need it’s own post also. Try this combo for your next shake:

12 oz water. 1 Banana. Cup of Frozen/Fresh Berries. Scoop of Warrior Food. Tbs of Maca. Handful of Spinach. Coconut Oil. Blend and drink. Your morning is now amazing.

This stuff if for TRUE WARRIORS. Whether you took part in the Battle of Longshanks, or waged the war against the copy machine at work, or did a lot of deadlifts, or spent all day making coffee in your underwear (we’ve all had those days)….if you’re a warrior, get yourself some of this stuff. It’s about as ultimate as a warrior could be.

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