Sorry. It’s been a few days.
No I’m not a pro blogger who gets paid to write ranty shit and opinions. Yet….Maybe someday. For now I try to update this as best as I can. And yes I will have a new article up shortly. Between training people, that pesky day job and trying to get the webstore up and running, this one man show is BUSY.

So for today, we’ll keep it short. You like heavy stuff right? Well, this band, Entombed, has been laying waste to sucka MC’s for a long time. They don’t like that weak stuff brought to them. They’ve been serving up nasty guitars and thick-as-thighs production for a long time. I found this INFERNO album from my buddy Eric a while back and it’s been a mainstay in my iPod for eons. This track, along with “Retaliation” are two of my favorite gym tracks in the world. So here you go! Something new for your gym ear, or an oldie but a goodie. That is, if you’re already metal made.

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