Ah, good ol’ Whitechapel. Yeah I know, it’s not the most ‘underground’ metal out there. But I’m not trying to impress the hipsters of the planet. Like with Emmure, a lot of the metal and hardcore in my iPod for workouts are bands or songs that are good WORKOUT tracks. This would be one of them. Whitechapel’s newer stuff is a bit mid-line for me. This album, A New Era of Corruption, is probably my last favorite full length. But I’m still a fan either way. And live they kill it.

So, I’d say, with this short post for the day, to go download this and do one of two things with it:

1) Make it your sexy time music with a loved one.
2) Put it into your gym ear. Crank out some sets. It’ll make your muscles bigger. Promise.

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