Well today is Happy Straightedge day.

Now some of you enjoy a drink here and there. Some of you enjoy the green smoke here and there. I’m not posting this as entry of hate for y’all. I used to be there myself (a bit WAY too much actually) so while I am and will always remain sober from almost 9 years ago til I’m in a box, in no way will I hate on my friends and loved ones who are able to do things in moderation or small amounts. I would honestly rather my friends all go vegan first before giving up a glass of wine, mostly because ANIMALS. Right? Right. If you’re able to sip or toke a bit without problem, you do your thing, I do mine. Respect across the board. If you ever wanna go clean, I got your back. Just don’t do crack, alright?

So with that being said, my sobriety as the leader of the MetalMadeFitness brand is one of the things I think, and believe, gives me a hardcore badass tag. There are a lot of things in the world worth resisting in my eyes: putting the taste of food over the life of an animal, putting dangerous substance in your body, watching reality TV, or cheating on someone you are with. Why? Well because there are far better things to NOT resist: connecting with people, treating yourself well, treating others and animals with respect, sexy time, anything pumpkin flavored, etc. The list can go on forever. My discipline however is my driving force in my life and it’s led me to do some great things and I will continue to do great things in the name of sobriety.

So today is straightedge day and with that I want to present one of my favorite Straightedge bands. GREAT FOR THE FAWKIN GYM. Yes. You can smash workouts like frat boys smash beer cans on their heads with this stuff playing in your ear. Hardcore and it’s energy and it’s breakdowns and message are positive and brash and get anyone with a pulse amped up. It’s all about being the best you, staying true to who you are, defending your friends and staying loyal to them and running through anyone trying to bring you down.

And though this band is newer, I have to give a shout out to the following bands for paving the way, carrying the torch and bringing the fury of straightedge hardcore to the masses: Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits, In My Eyes, Bane, Bishop, xDeathstarx, State of Alert, Snapcase, Strife, Judge, Bleeding Through, Bold, Chain of Strength, Throwndown, Ten Yard Fight, Undertow, Unbroken, Clear, Champion, Up Front, Vitamin X, Down To Nothing, xTyrantx, Earth Crisis, Embrace Today, The Faith, Youth of Today, Rise Against, Refused, and today’s featured band FIRST BLOOD. Full album. Your new workout album.

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