There are some days I wish I could be Jasta and be onstage to intro Hatebreed songs…I’d have this shit down to a science…

“Alright…this next song is not for the fakers…the half-truthers…the deceivers…the liars….this next song is for those who stand strong, who stand for what they believe…..SOMETIMES STANDING FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE……MEANS STANDING ALONE!”

And that shit would drop and push a cosmic crater sized hole in the ground which all kids would fall into.

Working out to Hatebreed is about a motivating as a phone call from Amanda Latona saying she’ll be waiting for you at home when you finish. Hatebreed is the music King Leonidas wishes he had during the Battle of Thermopylae, because no Spartan would have died with them playing. Hatebreed has more brutal drops than Terrell Owens did in his entire career. If you’ve never strapped on Hatebreed during shoulder day, or while doing endurance drills, you should seek immediate counseling for your shortcomings as a human being. All great things in the gym begin and end with Hatebreed in the ears.

So…this next song is for those kids….those people….who have no one…who stand up and don’t have any one to push them on…who have no one to stand next to in battle…because SOMETIMES…STANDING FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE…MEANS STANDING ALONE!!! HONOR ……NEVER…DIES……1…2…3..GO!

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