Ok so this isn’t originally mine. I’m going to be honest. We as trainers and fitness folks are ALWAYS biting shit from other people. It’s how we learn. So I’m not going to take credit in hopes of impressing you to get down your pants or anything by showing you this. I learned it from Zukza Light, who is one of my fitness idols. Yes, THAT Zuzka Light, from the ZWarrior series. She’s a badass and if you don’t know who she is, ladies, GO LOOK HER UP. She is someone to aspire to be, considering how she came up.

Now that aside, this thing is the best pushup on the planet. PERIOD. CAPITALIZED. And I don’t use CAPITALS UNLESS I REALLY MEAN IT. Alright?

How it’s done?

Pushup position. Do a pushup. When you come back up, left leg ALL THE WAY TO YOUR LEFT HAND AND PLANT IT. You’ll look like you’re about to do a massive “runners stretch”. The bring your right leg THROUGH your body towards your left hand which will now go up in the air and you’ll kick through, extending your leg outward in front of your body, with your right hand holding the party down. Bring the left back through and back to starting push up position. And then repeat with the opposite side.

Confused? WATCH THIS SNAZZY VIDEO OF SOME GUY NAMED ME DOING IT. Do ten total and then you can write me hate mail later for how much this hurts. And do 4 sets of 10. Better have some awesome metal in your ears while doing this. Otherwise you’ll fall apart around rep 5. Get to it!

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