There have been many incredible battles in the history of the planet. Frazier vs. Ali. Lakers vs. Celtics. Pepsi vs. Coke. CM Punk vs. Chris Brown. But recently the war between “Should I Juice” versus “Should I Blend” has reached conflict on a biblical scale. It divides families…nations…species…Ok I might be going a bit too far on that.
But it’s still a good topic to bring up. Many of us gymrats blend protein shakes on a regular basis. But many of the health-conscious and plant based love to juice. Which is better?

Well, can I say, neither? It’s hard to determine a winner because quite frankly, both are stockpiled with a list of reasons why you should. You should own both. You should do both. You should go to Www.metalmadefitness.bigcartel.com and get a shirt, but that’s none of my business.


So what does juicing do? Simple. It grabs the water and nutrients and extracts the fiber from the produce. Without the fiber, your digestive system doesn’t have to bust ass to break all the food down. And it makes the nutrients more available than if you were to eat them whole. If you have digestive issues, try juicing. Will it solve them 100% No. But it makes it easier. Freshly squeezed vegetable juices form part of most healing and detoxification programs because they are so nutrient rich and nourish and restore the body at a cellular level.

But, I should warn you my children that there is a bit of a caution on juicing ONLY fruits. When you remove the fiber from the produce, the juice is absorbed into your blood stream quickly. If you are only juicing fruits, this would cause a rapid spike in blood sugar and unstable blood sugar levels can lead to crabbiness, mood swings, memory loss and other things people will cancel plans on you for. Also without fiber, you get hungry quicker. So I would not recommend using it as your only means of meals. Getting hangry is a party foul.


Reason number one is easy: YOU GET THE WHOLE EFFIN ITEM. Instead of separating the nutrients from the fiber, you get it all. The fiber that stays with the blend makes it a nutrient slow-burn that crawls into your system, and because of the fiber, you stay fuller longer. So blending in the morning is a good idea so you avoid becoming the grouchy hungry guy. Along with that the digestive health benefits allows it to sweep through and knock toxins out and eliminate them faster than a dumb kid in a spelling bee (COW……C….A….3?..WRONG!) Also you get the satisfaction of blending an avocado into your smoothies. It might sound weird to you weird people, but it will smooth up anything you wanna drink and if you bury it with enough raspberries and blueberries you won’t even taste it.

The best part of both is since they are both a very quick and easy way to upload some veggies and fruits into your system, we don’t shun either one. Both can help with a variety of health concerns or if you’re looking to detox, it will be a great idea as well. We would recommend the film “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” as a view of how juicing and blending can alter one’s health in a positive way.
As for us at MetalMadeFitness, our current juicing favorite is what we call “MAN UP”

1 Huge Red Beet
4-5 Celery Stems
3 Carrots
1 Green Apple
Splash of ginger and cayenne
A shit ton of purple Kale.

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