Metal For Your Gym Ear: Trap Them. Dear lord…

Trap Them. In theory that is all I should write for this post. And you should just listen to this 31 minute album. If you did that here is what would happen:
1) You’d go postal in your office

2) You’d out-lift everyone at the gym. Then go postal.

3) You’d scare your dog.

There are few things that have more intense relentless energy than this album. Formula One cars don’t go this fast. I’ve read about 10 year conflicts in the Middle East that were calmer than this album. If you went back in time and asked Slayer who influenced Reign In Blood, they’d say “we wrote this because we’re prophesizing the coming of Trap Them.” If you have 31 minutes, you’ll end up doing 93 minutes of cardio listening to this album once. Get it yet?

If you took the Swedish throat and manic punk stylings of Refused and slammed them in a head on collision with Entombed and Disfear, you’d end up with a fraction of the power of this group. I’m pretty much unable to continue describing this group. Words are failing me and that’s hard. Just download this, throw it into the old iPod and watch your muscles explode during your next workout. I’ll pray for their safety.

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