METAL FOR YOUR GYM EAR: Emmure? Really Dru?

So yes, I know the following people who are all about the obscure Black Metal out there might be a bit turned off by the selection for today. Yes, Emmure is a bit douchey. They’re like Limp Bizkit if Limp Bizkit was never Limp Bizkit and Whitechapel teamed up with a vocalist who didn’t like Limp Bizkit to make something for bros. It’s a fitting description. Because honestly, outside of the gym, I cannot stand this band. The lyrical content are about as “tough guy inner city gangster” threatening as a 17 year old at the bus stop trying to jack you for your last cigarette. Colin Kaepernick might have called Stephen Ireland and told him this band rules. I do not like Emmure. Period.

Unless I’m working out. Yeah, weird huh? Sometimes music you wouldn’t be caught dead kissing in public works during a workout from hell. If you know what it’s like to be completely mental during a workout, and your face is burning like Satan just took a selfie with you, then you know sometimes you go more off the energy of the music and not so much the band. If U2 did an accurate version of Sepultura’s “Chaos AD” I wouldn’t care it was Bono doing the Brazil metal thing for a track as long as I’m in the middle of crunching a set out. Your brain shuts off.

So, with that being said, go download this track. And keep it in your iPod. And if someone makes fun of you for it, you didn’t get this from me. But I swear by this track during the last set of a brutal chest workout.

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