Hey Metalheads!
So of course, since this is a brand rooted in our beloved metal music, the attitude and the energy, and all things that come with the mentality of going into a workout and stomping the crap out of it, it’s only right we highlight new metal releases, old classics you might have forgotten about and anything else to wake you up for that last set of shoulder presses. What? Did you think I’d be promoting Backstreet Boys on this site? You must be smokin’ some funny wacky green stuff….

Today, we’ll give a shout out to the band The Haunted’s new release “Exit Wounds”. Normally I’m not the biggest Haunted fan, but their latest release is a perfect onslaught of straight forward thrash for the gym. Worth getting over to Amazon or iTunes and downloading the album. Give a listen to a track off it below, play loud and see if it pushes your next workout over the edge of insanity.

Whatever you’re doing today, gym wise or active wise, own it and crush it. I believe in you my Metalheads! Now fire up the band!

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